Laws in Honolulu You Didn’t Know About

Honolulu is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States, but this tropical paradise has some crazy laws that will leave you scratching your head and wondering why they exist at all. While there are strange American laws all across the country, Honolulu has some of the most unique and baffling rules in the books. Here are 12 of the most outlandish and unusual laws in Honolulu that you probably didn’t know about.

1.      One Drink Per Customer (At a Time)

Although it is common for vacationers to enjoy a few cocktails while visiting Honolulu, one of Hawaii’s state laws ensures that you take things slow and drink responsibly during you trip. In Honolulu, you are only allowed a maximum of one alcoholic beverage for yourself at any given time. This means that double-fisting alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited on any Hawaiian island. Instead, you will need to pace yourself and hope that the service is quick.

2.      Billboards are Outlawed in Hawaii

Hawaii is known for its natural beauty and there are state laws in place to preserve the island’s gorgeous views. When visiting the Hawaiian Islands, you will notice a distinct lack of billboard advertisements. In fact, billboards are entirely illegal so visitors on the island are protected from the typical onslaught of roadside advertisements during their vacation. Many people believe this state law should be passed in more areas of the country.

3.      Keep All Coins out of Your Ears

Much to the dismay of all the amateur magicians in Honolulu, one of the weird laws on the Hawaiian Islands makes it illegal to put coins in your ears. There are many theories on why this strange state law may have passed, but none have been confirmed as the main reason for the legislation. One theory suggests that Hawaiian coins (from before Hawaii became a state) were rare and being destroyed by the United States, so people would hide their coins in their ears to avoid being caught.

4.      Twins are Banned from Being Coworkers

Twins in Honolulu are subject to following one of the most unusual state laws regarding hiring practices. According to the law, twins are not allowed to work at the same company in Honolulu regardless of qualifications. While this strange law may seem unfair, it does prevent some awkward and confusing workplace mix-ups by the coffee station. We’re just wondering what kind of twin-related mishap caused this law to be passed in the first place.

5.      Pickup Trucks are Above the Law

Hawaii is a state where drivers love their pickup trucks, and it seems like their love is reflected in the state laws. Passengers in the backseat of a standard car or SUV are mandated to wear their seat belts, but this same requirement is not applied to people sitting in the back of a pickup truck. In fact, there are no requirements for any safety equipment for people riding in the bed of a pickup truck in Honolulu.

6.      Please Don’t Feed the Sharks

It can be tempting to throw some meat in the ocean to see sharks in action, but it is illegal according to Hawaii state law and can actually be harmful for the marine animals. As a result of human feeding, these sharks begin to associate food with passing boats which can cause a disruption in their natural hunting patterns. For the sake of the natural order of Hawaii’s ecosystem, please do not try to feed the sharks.

7.      No Behind-the-Ear Tattoos without a Doctor

Many people get small tattoos behind their ears, but this procedure requires an extra step due to one of the weird laws in Hawaii. Any residents who want to get a tattoo behind their ear will need to have an on-duty doctor in attendance during the process. This can significantly drive up the cost of getting a tattoo behind the ear, so another location may be preferable to save some money.

8.      Leave the Birds Alone!

It should be pretty clear by now that Hawaii does a lot to protect the wildlife in the area and native birds are no exception. In fact, it is off-limits to mess with birds that are hanging out within the boundaries of a public park. This is one of those unspoken laws that may not be written down anywhere but is part of public customs.

9.      Honolulu, Home of Seafarers

There is an active state law that makes it a finable offense to not have a boat as a resident of Hawaii. Honolulu is one of many islands in Hawaii, so naturally sea travel is a popular option for transportation. We hope that this law isn’t too heavily enforced, although most residents on the island probably already have a boat of their own.

10. Pet Hoarding is Prohibited

There are many funny laws around the world, but did you know that Hawaii has a law against having too many pets? It is illegal for any private residence to house over 15 cats and/or dogs at any time. This law may limit the amount of furry, cuddly creatures you can have in your home but it is for the safety of the animals and the homeowner. Having too many pets can quickly cause health concerns and too many dogs can annoy neighbors by barking up a storm.

11. Second Wives Are off the Dinner Table

One of the strangest laws in Hawaii makes it illegal for men in the Orakama tribe to consume their second wives. This law offers protections to some women, but first and third wives are still on the table. We can only wonder what caused this law to be instated in the first place.

12.  Cover Up While Walking Around in Waikiki

Believe it or not, you could be facing some legal issues if you walk around the tropical paradise in Waikiki with only your bathing suit on. This strange law is rarely enforced, but everyone is required to wear something over their bathing suit while out in public streets.