Best Restaurants in Honolulu

Exploring new cuisine is one of the most delicious aspects of traveling. Visitors eager to try Hawaii’s iconic dishes can expect to find the best food in Honolulu spread across a wide variety of fine dining restaurants, hole-in-the wall shops and classic Hawaiian chain outlets.

However, getting a master list of the best restaurants in Honolulu can be challenging, since the dining landscape is always changing. World-famous chefs are understandably drawn to the islands’ beauty, so new top-notch restaurants are regularly popping up to vie with established favorites.

Not to mention that many of the best places to eat in Honolulu are small, family-owned diners. These spots offer exquisite food at great prices, but rarely garner coverage in official travel publications.
Fortunately, the following list is designed to highlight a variety of top dining spots, from fine dining to beloved local haunts. Check them out so you never miss a good meal.