Honolulu’s tourist scene isn’t the only incredible thing about the island. The local culture and food are both unique to the island and hold special cultural significant, not to mention to food is delicious. Tourists looking for a more authentic experience can wander the streets of Honolulu neighborhoods and try iconic Hawaiian dishes while they explore. Visitors can also check out the best restaurants in Honolulu to explore even more food options on their vacation.

While most tourists gravitate towards the ostentations luau parties that draw attention and inspire wonder, there are many more layers of Hawaiian culture many visitors do not get to experience. Hawaii and its many islands are also filled with some of the richest and most diverse cultural history in all the United States. From Japanese cultural influences, to Polynesian traditions, Hawaii’s island culture is built on years of cultural diversity. Find out the significance of the lei and how many other traditions came to be by exploring local Honolulu.