How to Safely Explore Oahu by Moped

The island of Oahu offers adventure, beauty and an abundance of outdoor activities. It’s no wonder that visitors to the island commonly forego renting a vehicle for a moped or mobile scooter. Exploring Oahu with on a moped can be a thrilling, once in a lifetime experience.

Before getting started, it is essential that you plan ahead and determine whether or not you meet rental requirements and learn where you can rent a bike once on Oahu. Furthermore, it is worth taking the time to learn about safety tips that can keep you safe while you explore the island.

If interested in a moped tour, Oahu has several tour companies that will take you out on the best trails through the island.

By learning more about riding a moped on the island of Oahu, you will be better prepared for your vacation and gain the ability to plan ahead for this unique experience.

Where to Rent a Moped or Motor Scooter on Oahu

The island of Oahu features several moped and motor scooter rental locations. Traveling by moped is popular among natives and tourists alike. Due to the increasingly high demand on these bikes, several businesses have established themselves on the island.

Some shops even offer additional services, such as delivery and pick up services. This can be especially useful if you do not intend to rent a car and a moped.

Are tandem mopeds available?

Tandem mopeds are two-seater bikes. While you will not find these mopeds in every rental shop that you visit, several shops do carry them. If planning a trip to Oahu, it is worth taking the time to find the rental shop that offers them and, if interested, reserve one in advanced.

Common Moped/Motor Scooter Rental Requirements on Oahu

When visiting the island of Oahu, riding a moped or a motor scooter provides visitors with a unique experience. While several rental shops have become established around the island, you must meet the shop’s rental requirements before you can ride.

To rent a moped or motor scooter, you must meet age-related requirements. Most rental shops require you to be at least 21 years of age, however, some shops have reduced their age restrictions to 18. You will need a valid driver’s license to rent and ride a moped or motor scooter. Depending on the bike you are interested in renting, you may also need a motorcycle endorsement on your license. Motorized scooters that have lower speed capacities do not require an endorsement.

To rent a moped or motor scooter, you must have insurance. If you do not have insurance, most rental shops will be able to provide you with coverage for a small fee. Deposits are common where insurance is not required.

The staff at each Oahu rental shop can help you find a moped or motor scooter of the right size and style that you meet the requirements for.

Moped vs Car Rental When Exploring Oahu

Moped and motor scooter rentals have surged in popularity on Oahu. Not only do these bikes offer a unique experience when exploring the island of Oahu, but they are often far cheaper than a car rental. Moped rentals have become so popular, in fact, that rental prices remain low due to competition.

Moped Riding Restrictions

After renting a moped or motor scooter, you will have the freedom to explore Oahu at your own pace. While you can ride on most roads on the island, you may not drive a moped on the following roads:

  • H-1
  • H-2
  • H-3
  • The Like Like
  • The Pali

Oahu Moped Safety Tips

If you plan on renting a moped or motor scooter to explore Oahu, you can keep yourself safe by taking a few safety precautions.

While driving a moped or motor scooter, you must follow all traffic laws that you would if driving a car. However, moped riders are more vulnerable as bikes lack many of the safety features that a standard car or truck have.

Wear Protective Gear, Even When Not Required

Unlike many U.S. states, Hawaii does not require riders to wear a helmet or any other type of protective gear. However, most fatalities involving a rider are those that are not wearing a helmet and other safety gear.

You can keep yourself safe by wearing a helmet whenever you ride, regardless of the speed you are cruising. Additionally, you can protect yourself from road rash by wearing protective clothing, including:

  • Long pants.
  • Long-sleeved shirt.
  • Gloves.
  • Closed toe shoes.

Consider investing in padding for your knees and elbows to protect the more vulnerable areas of your body. If your helmet does not include a face shield, consider wearing goggles when you ride to protect your eyes.

Been a While? Practice

If you have not ridden a moped before or it has been a while, be sure to practice in a parking lot or a quiet neighborhood before getting onto busier streets. Each moped may handle differently, so you are strongly encouraged to set time aside time for practice, even if you are an experienced rider.

Watch Your Surroundings Carefully

The island of Oahu is full of roads that twist and turn. Therefore, it is crucial to your safety that you always pay careful attention to your surroundings. Additionally, visitors and residents will sometimes tailgate moped riders. Be very cautious of this, as an unexpected stop or obstacle could impose on your safety. If necessary, be sure to pull over or let other vehicles pass.

Moped Tour Options

If you want to explore the island of Oahu on a moped, but you do not want to deal with a rental, you can take advantage of a tour. Moped tours are a great chance to explore Oahu and offer unique scenic routes. Most tours are guided, allowing you to see some of the best spots in Oahu.

Tour prices and availability can vary heavily between tour guides and demand. Moped tours have risen in popularity immensely on Oahu. If you are interested in a tour, be sure to book one in advanced to reserve your spot.